A really cheerful-looking nation

Greece, although sparsely inhabited, is in the principle a really cheerful-looking nation. The loneliness of a lot of it isn’t miserable, the bareness of a lot of it isn’t unhappy. I started to know this on the day after I went to the plain of Marathon, which, for-tunately, lies away from railroads. One should go there by carriage or motor or on horseback. The highway is unhealthy each for beasts and equipment, but it surely passes by nation which is typical of Greece, and thru which it might be silly to go in haste.

Go quietly to Marathon, spend two hours there, or extra, and while you return within the night to Athens you’ll have tasted a brand new pleasure. You’ll have lived for a short while in an beautiful pastoral—a pastoral by which, it’s true, no pipes of Pan have fluted to you,—I heard little music in Greece,—however which has been stuffed with that lightness, brightness, simplicity, and delicacy peculiar to Greece. The soil of the land is mild, and I imagine, although Hellenes have informed me that on this perception I’m unsuitable, that the guts of the individuals is mild. Actually the guts of 1 traveler was as he made his approach to Marathon alongside a white highway thickly powdered with mud.

Not every land its consultant tree

Has not every land its consultant tree? America has it maple. England its oak, France its poplar, Italy its olive, Turkey its cypress, Egypt its palm, and so forth. The consultant tree of Greece is the pine. I don’t forget the wild olive, from which in previous days the crowns have been made, nor the truth that the guide-books say that in a Greek panorama the plenty of shade are normally fashioned by the silver- inexperienced olive-trees. It appeared to me, and it appears to me nonetheless in remembrance, that the stunning little pine is probably the most valuable decoration of the Grecian scene.

Marathon that day was a pastoral of yellow and blue, of pines and sea. On the best way I handed by nice olive-groves, in considered one of which lengthy since some countrymen of mine have been taken by brigands and carried away to be accomplished to demise. And there have been mighty fig-trees, and mulberry-trees, and acres and acres of vines, with right here and there an virtually black cypress amongst them. However the pines, extra yellow than inexperienced, and the intense blue sea made the image that lives in my reminiscence.



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