Books from the library on making a small deposit

All townspeople are permitted to borrow books from the library on making a small deposit; and I’m assured by the librarian that delays or defaults in returning the books borrowed are of very unusual incidence. The Sobranje votes about 400 yearly for the acquisition of books; nevertheless, with this exception, your complete payments of the institution are defrayed by the municipality.

Visiting the model new waterworks in Philippopolis

I drove out one afternoon all through my maintain at Philippopolis to go to the model new waterworks, which sort the chief enchancment that the city has however carried out There was till simply currently an extreme quantity of fever proper right here, which was attributed to the unhealthy prime quality of the water present. The water of the Maritza is supposed to be polluted by town sewage, which percolates into the river. Moreover, as an vital part of the city is constructed on the rocky heights of which I’ve spoken, water from the Maritza wanted to be launched up in buckets. With a view to obviate these defects, town authorities decided, on the advice of an eminent Belgian company of hydraulic engineers, to accumulate their water from a mountain stream inside the Rhodope Hills, at a distance of some ten miles from the city; the stream to be tapped at an elevation significantly above the easiest stage of the hills of Philippopolis. The situation of the outtake is in a singularly picturesque mountain gorge. The water, after being diverted from the stream, passes by the use of loads of tanks, the place it’s fastidiously filtered, and is then conveyed to Philippopolis by iron culverts. The scheme has proved a complete success as a manner of supplying town with a just about limitless quantity of singularly up to date and clear water. There was of late a very marked enchancment inside the healthiness of the city, though whether or not or not this enchancment is submit hoc or propter hoc I’ve no technique of claiming.

No value is launched further usually in direction of Bulgaria by of us

I talk to this incident on account of it seems to me an illustration of the great sense which, on your complete, characterizes the native administration of the nation. No value is launched further usually in direction of Bulgaria by people who, for one set off or one different, are dissatisfied with the present order of points, than the assertion that, beneath the model new regime, the native indebtedness of the municipalities has assumed extreme and alarming proportions. Philippopolis is usually cited for instance of this alleged extravagance. However when the information given me by people who’ve little curiosity within the matter is reliable, the price on this event has little or no foundation. Given that liberation of Jap Roumelia Philippopolis has incurred a debt of £ 120,000, which, within the main, was borrowed from the Nationwide Monetary establishment of Bulgaria at a value, for curiosity and sinking fund, of about 10 per cent The earnings of town, which is especially derived from the octree duties, is about £20,000; and, with the quick growth of the inhabitants, this earnings is steadily on the rise.

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