A Heat Reception

MY FRIEND and I have been introduced up collectively in the identical little city in Europe. Each Friday, earlier than the method of the Sabbath, our fathers used to take us to a Russian Turkish bathtub. In these days the Turkish bathtub was the “group bathtub.”

However after all, earlier than die excessive holidays, the YamimTovim, the pilgrimage to the tub home was extra necessary than ever. For no good Jew might elevate his Yom Tov soul to a Yom Tov spirit except his physique had been Russian-Turkishized.

And in all these years throughout which my pal loved the house comforts of “the American approach” he nonetheless visited ** Turkish bathtub in his outdated neighborhood.

With him it was a practice.

However a day earlier than Succoth, after I advised that we’d each take a Turkish bathtub, he grew to become enraged and mentioned, “What? Go together with you to have a Turkish bathtub? Nothing doing! I’ve sweated sufficient—no extra!”

I used to be astonished to search out he had all of the sudden grown chilly to this warmest, this most pleasant, earthly paradise.

He hemmed and hawed some time earlier than I succeeded in understanding of him the explanation for his new perspective. And right here is the entire story in his personal phrases:

In the future my spouse advised that I make a journey to her relations in Boston. Enterprise right here isn’t so In plain phrases, it s on the bum. It is perhaps, she advised, that her household, most of whom are rich, would discover a busi-ness for me or a job.

I come to her uncle—a wealthy lawyer. He’s higly happy to see me. He tells me that on the           “ very busy; however he insists that I return at two o clock m th^afternoon; then it will likely be a pleasure for him to enter arrive precisely on the minute-two r. M. ^ uncle the lawyer, explains to me that he has massive circumstances pending in courtroom which have made him nervous; and subsequently he goes each afternoon at two o dock for an Hectrk therapeutic massage, a sweat bathtub, and an alcohol rub-down. And on this present day he takes me with him in order that I, too, mav get the kinks labored out of my pores and skin.

And, say what you’ll, the sweat and the therapeutic massage gave

“”‘I ex pec ted my’ uncle to ask me to have supper with him—the alcohol rub had aroused my appetite-but as a substitute lie identified the place .zero catch the cat which might take me to my lodge: and a. the parting second he be^ed me to name on him once more earlier than I left the c y.



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