Palace gates

The palace gates and doors

The palace gates and doorways had been thrown huge open and the sensible servants had been introduced earlier than the king. He acquired them with heat and hearty greetings. “ Proper welcome are ye,” he cries ; “ come and sit at my desk, for ye are the primary to reach. Nay, I do know that ye have been ready for a lot of hours to be admitted. 1 am delighted to see you, and I discover how splendidly you’ve got ready yourselves for the feast.”

After that they had taken their locations on the king’s desk the wine and meat had been positioned earlier than them, they usually started to partake thereof.

After some time the opposite company had been ushered iuto the king’s presence. They had been unwashed, their hair uncombed, their clothes dirty and soiled. What do I see ? ” cried the king in a livid mood. “ Are ye not totally ashamed of yourselves to return on this sensible earlier than your king, your grasp ? Is that this the way you put together yourselves for a royal banquet ? You certainly can not count on me to take a seat down with you if you end up in such a situation. All I can do is to allow you to look on whereas my good servants at my desk benefit from the banquet, and when now we have left the desk you’ll be able to devour the remnants. I rejoice that a few of my servants are considerate and have ready themselves in time for my summons. As for you, who’re so silly and careless, I’m vexed together with your indijference, however as you’re the ones who will endure—ror you’ll be able to solely stay up for the chilly remnants—I trill pardon you this time, and pray bear in mind to be all the time ready for the decision of your king. Who is aware of when it might come ? ”

A Dream of Paradise

He went to see what was the matter,

Within the first century of the frequent period there lived a well-known Rabbi in Palestine named the good RabbaD Joehanan ben Zakkai. lake so lots of the Rabbis, Chanina lived in abject poverty. It was mentioned of him: “ The entire world is susta’ned by the piety and benefit of Chanina,” but he had barely ample for the wants of his every day life. He was married, and his good spouse did her greatest to cover their poverty. After all, neither the Rabbi nor his spouse would beg. They might not even settle for guts from their buddies.

In the future the wite requested Chanina in a delicate and loving voice : “ Inform me, pricey Chanina. how lengthy lets proceed to endure this humiliating poverty ? ”


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