Mahommedan Sabbath

On Fridays, (the Mahommedan Sabbath,) the valley is thronged with holiday- holding idlers; and right here the Frank traveller might even see extra of the habits and morale of the Turkish girls than lie can hope to do elsewhere ; for right here, being on Asiatic floor, they seem to feci extra at house, and fewer trammelled by the restrictions of their creed than in some other environ of the capital ; their yashmacs are much less scrupulously organized, they’re extra accessible to strangers, they usually do the honours of their pretty valley with a mild courtesy extraordinarily pleasing.

All ranks alike frequent this candy and balmy spot. The Sultanas transfer alongside in quiet stateliness over the greensward of their gilded arahas, drawn by oxen glittering with foil, and lined with awnings of velvet, heavy with gold embroidery and fringes; the sunshine carriages of the Pashas’ harems roll quickly previous, embellished with flashing draperies, the horses gaily caparisoned, ami the younger beauties inside pillowed on satins and velvets, and incessantly screened by shawls of immense worth; whereas the wives of lots of the Beys, the EfTendis, and the Emirs, go away their arabas, and seated on Persian carpets underneath the leafy cover of the excellent maple-trees which abound within the valley, amuse themselves for hoiu’s, the elder women with their pipes, and the youthful ones with their hand-mirrors; greetings innumerable happen on all sides; and the itinerant confectioners and water-venders reap a wealthy harvest.

Fountain of Guiuk-Suy

The Fountain of Guiuk-Suy stands within the midst of a double avenue of timber, which fringe the border of the Bosphorus. It’s constructed of delicate white marble, is extraordinarily elegant in design, and elaborately ornamented with arabesques. The spot which it adorns is some extent of reunion for the honest idlers of the valley, when the night breeze upon the channel renders this portion of the glen extra cool and scrumptious than that wherein they move the sooner hours of the day; and is barely separated from it by the stream already named, which is traversed by a heavy wood bridge.

The entire coup-d’ceil is charming; slaves hurry hither and thither, carrying water from the fountain to their respective mistresses, in lined crystal goblets, or vases of wrought silver. Fruit-merchants move and repass with amber- colored grapes and golden melons ; Sclavonian musicians acquire a crowd about them, which disperses the subsequent second to throng spherical a gang of Bedouin tumblers; serudjhes gallop over the delicate grass in pursuit of their employers; carriages come and go noiselessly alongside the turf on the beck of their honest occupants ; a fleet of caiques dance upon the ripple, able to convey a portion of the revellers to their properties on the European shove;, and the beams of the intense solar fall full on the turretted towers of the Fortress of Europe, on the other facet of the channel, touching them with gold, and contrasting but extra powerfully their lengthy and sleek shadows upon the water.


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