Surprising view

One is stunned by some surprising view

Although small, it’s intricate. At each second One is stunned by some surprising view, by some marvel of masonry, militant or ecclesiastical; by a fountain or a statue, an outdated doorway, a courtyard, a campanile, an beautiful facade, with arches and beautiful columns, balconies and carved window- frames; by cloisters, a wierd alley ending in flights of steps, which result in a mountain from which a fort seems down; by a secret harbor, or a secret backyard, or a bit of magical grove nestling beneath a defending wall which dates from the Center Ages, when Ragusa was a proud republic.

Was Burne-Jones ever in Ragusa? It’s like one of many little enchanted cities he beloved to color within the backgrounds of his photos. Was William Morris ever there? It is sort of a metropolis in one in every of his poems. It is filled with church buildings, and their towers are stuffed with bells. Monks and clergymen move perpetually via the slender streets with well dressed Austrian troopers. And army music, the triumph of bugles and trumpets, the beat and rattle of drums, joins with the drowsy sound of church organs, and the outdated voices of clocks chiming the hours, to make the symphony of Ragusa. Women and men from the Breno Valley, from Canali the golden, the place oaks develop among the many rocks, and the autumn vineyards are a surprise without end to hang-out the reminiscence, from Melada and the StagTslands, from the Ombla and Herzegovina, move all day down “the Stradone,” stroll within the Brsalje, a piazza with mulberry-trees overlooking the ocean, speak by the Amerling fountain, or sit on the wall by Porta Pille beneath the statue of San Biagio, the patron saint of the city. And every one is in a picturesque, maybe even an excellent, costume. The boys typically put on lengthy chains, and carry handsomely chased weapons and lengthy, elaborate pipes. Some have sheepskins flung jauntily over their shoulders, and bright-red caps. The ladies put on golden ornaments, embroidered jackets, and marvelous aprons nearly like prayer-rugs, good-looking pins, pleated head-dresses, bright-colored handkerchiefs or tiny caps, cash hanging on chains over their thickly rising hair.

A row of victorias is drawn up

The chief inns, the villas, and the railway-station, the place a row of victorias is drawn up,—for that is no Zara, however a metropolis which believes that it “strikes with the occasions,”—lie amongst roses, oleanders, single rhododendrons, bushes, and lots more and plenty of luxuriant vegetation outdoors Porta Pille. As quickly as you have got handed beneath San Biagio and descended the hill, you might be in a shiny, medieval world, within the coronary heart of one of the unique and engaging little cities that exists in Europe.


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