The shop-room to take the cash to the poor

“ I got here,” says he, “ to the store-room to take the cash to the poor, and let! the gold had disappeared, the field is empty, and I can not clarify what all of it means.”

“ Did I not let you know,” exclaims his mom, “ that the Evil One had trieked you ? To begin with he offers you silver, then he modifies it into gold, and at last he takes all of it away once more.”

“ Look ! ” cried the kids in terror. “ Who’s that unusual little black man on the door ? ”

All of them turned in the direction of the door, and there stood the black dwarf, with a sort smile throughout his little face.

Don’t be afraid of me. good buddies ! ” mentioned he. “I’m neither Devil nor a buddy of the Evil One.”

? Who’re yon. then ? ” mentioned the outdated woman.

I’m certainly one of God’s little messengers

I’m certainly one of God’s little messengers,” he replies, “ despatched by the Holy One, blessed be He, to reward the trustworthy and industrious. Your loved one father, pricey kids, i$ a pious and charitable man. And also you, good lady, his mom, don’t for a second imagine that he would have site visitors with the Evil One. ’Tis true I gave him nice wealth, and ’tis true I’ve taken it away once more since you had no religion within the energy of God to listen to the cry of these in want. I’ll directly restore all the cash for those who ail agree to make use of it correctly. Now do you agree ? ” And so they all mentioned : “ Sure.”

He then known as to the youuger of the 2 sons and mentioned to him : “ Simply sit on my knee while I bless you.” The little boy got here to him and sat on his knee. He saved fairly nonetheless while the dwarf was blessing him. After some time he started to pipy with the lengthy black beard of the dwarf, when unexpectedly it fell off.

“ Oh, pricey me! What have 1 performed ? ” he cried.

By no means thoughts,” mentioned the dwaif, “ a brand new one will quickly develop once more.” While they had been all trying on the dwarf, lo! a brand new beard grew there after which.

Preserve my beard,” mentioned he, “ as a memento. It can remind you of a very good buddy, and now I have to be off: so farewell until we meet once more.” The dwarf vanished and so they all gathered spherical Samuel, asking him to see if the cash had been restored. All of them went to the storeroom, and certain sufficient the field was stuffed with golden cash.

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