Educationists revolutionary creators

Educationists and revolutionary creators

Glory be to the lads of letters, enlighteners, educationists and revolutionary creators, who by way of their immortal works wrote and are writing the truthful and hanging inventive historical past of the labour, struggles and aspirations of the Bulgarian folks!

Our folks lived by way of two intervals of bondage, which lasted for hundreds of years and slowed down its pure growth. It was disadvantaged of a state, of land, of rights, of its Orthodox religion, it was disadvantaged of all the pieces, besides hope. It was forbidden all the pieces however one factor – to obey. Lets say that these have been sad, disgraceful centuries in our historical past have been it not for the truth that they have been illuminated by the continual struggles for freedom and independence.

The legendary haidouts by no means left the enslavers in peace and the folks sang songs of their heroism.

Voevods and standard-bearers have been hanged on the gallows, academics and monks, peasants and craftsmen, pined away within the dungeons, due to their rebellious spirit and love in freedom.

Uprisings broke out.

Then got here our resurrection – the Nationwide Revival. Nice ideologists and leaders of the national-democratic revolution grew up: Georgi Rakovski, Lyuben Karavelov, Vassil Levski, Hristo Botev, Georgi Benkovski, Gotse Delchev, Yane Sandanski. Tons of of clandestine revolutionary committees laid the start of an unique widespread group for wrestle unknown on the time wherever else on the earth.

Ploughmen and shepherds, cobblers and tailors, the entire folks adopted the lead of the apostles of freedom, the ’unruly’ ones. Lecturers taught not simply writing and arithmetic, they taught younger and outdated classes in revolution. Peasants and craftsmen would give all the pieces they held expensive to be able to get themselves flintlocks and powder. Clergymen preached the faith of freedom and administered the Holy Communion for the blood wedding ceremony that lay forward with cross and pistol of their fingers.

All people did one of the best they may within the widespread combat towards folks’s enemies.

In April 1876 the Bulgarian folks displayed miracles of heroism and self-sacrifice and proved that it was worthy of being free.

Allow us to bow deeply to the radiant reminiscence and the sacred feat of the enlighteners, martyrs and heroes, recognized and unknown, of our Nationwide Revival and our national-democratic revolution! Everlasting glory be to them!

The Russian heroes introduced us our freedom. Romanian and Finnish troopers fought for our liberty. Our gratitude to our Russian brothers is aware of no boundaries. Russian troopers and Bulgarian volunteers cemented with their exploits and their blood our brotherhood at Shipka, Pleven and Stara Zagora, all through our nation, and erected a symbolic monument to it.


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