Jewish Fairy Tales


THERE as soon as lived lengthy, way back. in some blissful land, a Jew named Samuel. He was most pious, however, as so usually occurs with the great, he was un-fortunately very poor. He had an aged mom to maintain, in addition to an enthralling spouse and two sons. He dealt in low cost second-hand previous garments. His scanty earnings barely sufficed to allow him to make each ends meet. It usually occurred that the household had neither meat nor greens from Sunday to Friday. He usually managed, nevertheless, to seek out ample cash to obtain a considerable meal of fish, meat and wine for the Sabbath. His object was to honour the holy Day of Relaxation in accordance with the great previous Jewish customized.

Despite his excessive poverty he was all the time able to share his frugal fare with these much less lucky than himself. Jew and Gentile had been all the time welcome at his desk. He was a person of rules which he strove to place into observe.

Certainly one of his guidelines was by no means to spend fairly as a lot as he earned. One other was by no means to lose coronary heart, a lot in order that he was wont to exclaim on sundry events: “ If God ought to assist me and make me a person of means, I’ll assist others to get on on this planet.’’

It occurred one Friday morning, when he was going his typical spherical, that he noticed himself abruptly confronted by a dwarf with a really lengthy black beard. The little man was wearing a wise black swimsuit. He was intently analyzing the bundle of previous garments on Samuel’s arm.

“What have you ever bought there?” asks the dwarf.

Samuel replies : “ Previous garments on the market.”

What’s the worth of this swimsuit on prime, which I see is black ? ” queries the dwarf.

Samuel solutions: “ The worth is ten shillings. I can’t afford to take much less, but when it ought to please the great God to assist me anil to make me a person of means, I promise to offer you a complete swimsuit freed from cost.”

“ So be it,” cries the dwarf; “ I comply with buy this swimsuit for ten shillings. I’m sorry to let you know that I don’t occur to have all that cash about me simply now. I’ll, nevertheless, provide you with half a crown as a deposit. At some point I’ll name on you and pay you the steadiness. Imply whereas please be {rood sufficient to maintain the swimsuit for me, for it’s now mine. Do you agree ? ”


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