The Indo-Greeks

A sequence of invasions happened from about 200 B.C. The primary to cross the Hindukush have been the Greeks, who dominated Bactria, mendacity south of the Oxus river m the world coated by north Afghanistan. The invaders got here one after one other, however a few of them dominated at one and the identical time on parallel strains. One essential reason behind invasions was the weak spot of the Selucid empire, which had been established in Bactria and the adjoining areas of Iran referred to as Parl’hia On account of rising stress from the Scythian tribes, the later Greek rulers have been unable to carry their energy m this space. With the development of the Chinese language Wall the Scythians have been no longer able to push ahead into China. In order that they turned their consideration in direction of the neighbouring Greeks and Parthians. Pushed by the Scythian tribes,-the Bactrian Greeks have been pressured to invade India. The successors of Asoka have been too weak to stem the tide of overseas invasions which Greeks. Iti the start of the socond century B.C., the Indo-Greeks occupied a big a part of north-western, India, a lot bigger than that conquered by Alexander, It’s mentioned that they pushed ahead as far asAyodhya and Patali- putra However the Greeks failed to determine united rule in India. Two Greek dynasties dominated northwestern India on parallel strains at one and the identical time. Probably the most well-known Indo-Greek ruler was Menander (165-145 B.C.) He’s additionally recognized by the title Milinda. He had his capital at Sakala (fashionable Sialkot) in Panjab, and he invaded the Ganga-Yamuna doab He was transformed to Buddhism by Nagasena, who’s also referred to as Nagarjuna. Menander requested Nagasena many questions referring to Buddhism These questions and Hagasena’s solutions have been recorded m the type of a e book often known as Milinda Panho or The Questions of Milmda.

The Indo-Bactrian rule is essential within the historical past of India

The Indo-Bactrian rule is essential within the historical past of India due to the big variety of poms which the Greeks issued The Indo-Greeks have been the primary rulers m India to problem cash which could be positively attributed to the kings This isn’t attainable within the case of the early punch- marked cash, which can’t be assigned with certainty to any dynasty The Indo-Greeks have been the primary to problem gold cash in India, which elevated in quantity underneath the Kushans The , Greek rule can be memorable on account of the introduction of Hellenistic artwork options within the north-west frontier of India, giving rise to the Gandhara artwork.


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