Organized Nationwide Revolutionary Motion

The second half of the 19th century was marked by radical adjustments within the worldwide state of affairs and within the inner set-up within the Ottoman Empire, which resulted in passing to a better stage within the battle of the Bulgarian folks for nationwide liberation. A brand new conflict broke out between Russia and Turkey in 1853, and for the reason that earlier Russo-Turkish conflict had introduced in regards to the liberation of Greece and Serbia, the Bulgarians cherished hopes that the hour of their freedom too had struck. The ideologist of the Bulgarian nationwide revolution Georgi Stoikov Rakovski arrange a‘Secret Society’ in Constantinople whose goal was to arrange the Bulgarian folks for an rebellion when the Russian troops entered the Bulgarian lands. Pavel Gramadov was despatched to Macedonia to prepare the rebellion, Dimiter Petrovich – to North- Western Bulgaria, and Nikola Filipovski – tc the Turnovo district.

The event of the conflict proved unfavourable for Russia

This time, nevertheless, the event of the conflict proved unfavourable for Russia, for she was pressured to struggle not solely Turkey, however a coalition together with France, Britain and the Sardinian Kingdom. This enterprise, referred to as the Crimean Battle, resulted in 1856 with Russia’s defeat. In its wake Turkey virtually turned a semi-colony of the massive Western capitalist states, which have been taken with perpetuating the state of affairs thus created, and made the preservation of the integrity of the Ottoman Empire, known as by everybody ‘the sick man’, the principal goal of their Balkan and Close to East coverage. A variety of reforms have been undertaken with a view to mitigate the acute nationwide contradictions rending the Empire. Essentially the most important amongst them was the Hatihumayun, which proclaimed equal rights for all topics of the Sultan, no matter their nationality.

The Hatihumayun, like the vast majority of Ottoman reforms, was by no means utilized. In some respects it even aggravated the plight of the Bulgarians for it provoked the rancour of the chauvinistic and fanatical Turks. Along with all this, about 100,000 Tartars and Circassians, chased away from Russia after the Crimean Battle, have been allowed to settle within the Bulgarian lands through the 1860s and 1870s. Brutal and embittered, they subjected the Bulgarian inhabitants to open pillage and quite a few humiliations. A pointy deterioration of the financial situa tion of the Bulgarian folks was added to their nationwide oppression. The inflow of low-cost and high-quality factory- made items had a disastrous impact upon Bulgarian handicraft manufacturing. The everlasting deficit within the state finances led to the imposition of recent and heavier taxes, the gathering of which was accompanied by monstrous abuse and coercion. Despite the 15 overseas loans concluded in the midst of 20 years, in 1875 the Sultan’s authorities declared chapter. The state was not able to pay its staff which led to unprecedent corruption.


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