A fresh breath to Istanbul

Catalca near Istanbul offers very attraetive opportunities to the tourism with its forests, virgin shores and water resourees. Catalca with all its undiscovered beauties is prepared to have its share from the tourism sector.

Catalca, maximum I hour tar from Istanbul, may be considered as the lung of the big cit. Half of Catalca is covered by the forests: its virgin shores on the coast of the Back Sea. The recreation areas in the forests, the rivers, dams, ponds and other water resources are the undiscovered places of Istanbul. Catalca where nearly 10 thousand visitors go for picnic al the weekends during spring and summer seasons couldn’t benefit until now from the advantages of its close location to Istanbul from the point of tourism.


It’s presumed that Cataica was set up by the Great Alexander. Then, it was seized by the Byzantines at different eras. During the time of the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius, the walls were constructed from the Evcik Quay of the Black Sea to the west of Silivri.. Today, some of these wails still stand up. The historical name of Qataica was Matria; it was seized during the reign of Murad I. and then Yddinm Beyazit in 1402 and annexed to the Ottoman territory. In the 17th century,  Evliya Celebi writes that the length of Calalea from the north to the south was two thousand steps and there were palaces, one convent of dervishes, one inn, one Tur-kish bath and 270 shops. In addition to its characteristic of an industrial center, Ca- taica established on a valley where the Istranca Mountains end has also the atmosphere of a little Anatolian atmosphere near Istanbul.

Population and transportation

The population of the district center of Catalca joined to Istanbul is 15 thousand 900. The total population is 82 thousands including 42 villages and 6 settlements. The infrastructure problems of the district with all its villages and settlements have been solved. Catalca is a big industrial region where the social life in the district center doesn’t differ from the life in the village. There is also the Hazerfen Airport with private status within the borders of the district where the textile industry is concentrated in the recent years. Access to Catalca is provided via E-6 road or by the trains departing from Sirkeci.

Dally picnic places

The district which is one of the first settlements of Istanbul provides various alternatives to the nature, trekking, camp, picnic and agriculture tourisms with its historical buildings, bridges, mosques, caves, lakes, rivers, forests and beaches. It’s known that the Incegiz Cave which gave its name to the vil-lage where it’s located was used by the Geneose people in the 9th century.

The Terkos Lake and the Cilingoz Bay (Yalikoy) and Kastro lu-re the visitors with their beauties at the weekends. Among the picnic areas in the region, Cilingoz Forest Recreation Place, Incegiz Recreation Place, Fevzi Cakmak Forest Park, Gumug pinar. Kabakga, Karamandere. Aydinlar, Hallacli. Ormanh, Aka- lan, Ihsaniye, Balaban, Suba§i and Celepkoy may be enumerated. Besides the famous colour of the Black Sea, the shores of Catalca with ocean blue sea are among the undiscovered places of Istanbul. The region which is the lung of Istanbul with its forests, tries to take its share from the tourism…

Yasar Gul: Catalca offers very attractive opportunities to the tourism…”

The District Governor of Catalca Yasar Gul aiming at diversifying the social and economic life in the district with nearly 50 projects works hard for a sustainable usage of the tourism as-sets in the region. Gul explained as follows the projects which they prepared in order to open Catalca to the tourism: “Our district covered in general with forests and agricultural lands forms the lungs of Istanbul. The picnic areas of our district offer beauties to satisfy the needs of the daily visitors coming from Istanbul and the other districts at the weekends. But un-fortunately, these places visited by 10 thousand people at the weekends in the spring and summer seasons are even deprived of toilets. For this reason, first we prepared first projects to meet the needs of WC, water, garbage and seats. With this project, the environmental cleaning problem of the picnic areas will be solved too. The project sent to the governorship has been supported by the President of TURSAB too. II c give priority to meet the basic needs of the picnic areas: and then to promote the touristic values of the district. .-Is the region is near Istanbul, it offers good opportunities to the camping tourism. We also realized projects for a healthy agriculture, in this regard, the region offers opportunities to the agriculture tourism too. Although it’s a natural wonder and located close to Istanbul, Catalca couldn ’t benefit, for some reason or other, from these matchless virgin shores, forests and water resources for many years. I’m very happy and excited at the same time to assume this responsibility..